Service offering

Here you can find an overview about our service offerings:


If you got a breakdown with your car, van or your coach, we are trying to ensure the continuity of your mobility. The mobility, the safety and the assistance are our daily tasks.


So, no matter what happens, we don’t let you down. For us, SERVICE will be capitalized, everything begins with a phone call and is going to end with your satisfaction after completed work.


Rescue and recovery service

Name : Rescue and recovery service

description : Our professional skills and our flexibility are the basis for each of our missions. In our daily life, we are exposed to dangerous and difficult situations, which we master thanks to our qualified staff members and thanks to our fleet of tow trucks, which is permanently up-to-date of the technical advancement.

We always find a solution for every, even for the most unusual problems.


Name : Evacuation/cleaning

description : A 2.5 tons forklift as well as a BOBCAT, equipped with a bucket or a hydraulic brush, can be used on the spot or on the accident scenes to accelerate the evacuation or the cleaning.

Heavy duty-transport

Name : Heavy duty-transport

description : Our powerful and high-capacity tractor as our low-loader, which can carry a maximal weight allowance up to 65 tons, ensure us to move or carry your vehicle safely.

Police court

Name : Police court

description : One unappreciated, cost-intensive and nerve-racking service for all involved.
This is an addition to our company, which we execute appropriately under best possible conditions.

Return transport

Name : Return transport

description : We organize your return transport, as well as your defective or accident-damaged vehicle, throughout Europe and this at a fastest possible way.

Towing service

Name : Towing service

description : After several years, the towing service has become one of our main activities.
Our constantly trained staff, just as our constantly modernized fleet, enable us to assure you a quickly and efficiently service in Luxembourg and all of Europe.

Our call center is on hand to give you all the help 24 hours and 365 days in the year and offers you an efficiently service.

Breakdown service

Name : Breakdown service

description : If the towing isn’t necessary, we are providing you a definitive or a provisional repair on the spot.